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Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.

~George Washington Carver
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Solar State Solutions
An interactive blog of the Florida Renewable Energy Association

Solar State Solutions
  • Trump-Bait
    I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe the recent republican de-bate more precisely.  I have heard some people refer to the flashy spectacle as an eleven-ring circus.  That imagery does not allow that a few hopefuls did in fact speak about real societal concerns and reforms.  Until I think of a better […]

  • Florida Power and Light Solar Power Plants
    A utility in Arizona (APS) has asked their Public Service Commission to allow them to pay homeowners $30/month to install solar systems on 3000 homes.  The total nominal electrical generation of this rooftop power plant would be 20 megawatts.  This would be valuable to the utility because the electricity would come during peak daylight hours […]

  • Corporate (Solar) Power
    Duke Energy has been tipped into supplying the North Carolina Google Data Center with renewable energy.  Google is going to pay the power company a “Green Source Rider” for the clean electricity; in other words a tariff.  The Search Company said it made more sense for Duke to provide the renewable energy than to build […]

  • Senate Climate Action Task Force
    On the website Think Progress I found an interview with representative Ron Desantis (R-FL).  He used the word “crass” to describe the all-night session in the senate last week where members of the Climate Action Task Force brought much needed attention to the present and future dangers of climate change.  Desantis claimed the event was […]

  • Keystone XL and Climate Disruption
    President Obama might get a reprieve from the politically fired Keystone XL decision.  Last week a Nebraska judge ruled that the governor didn’t have the legal right to grant the pipeline company eminent domain.  She said that authority rested with the Public Service Commission.  Appeals will be filed but that all takes time. Moving tar […]