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Nature is a writer's best friend.

~Agavé Powers
News Feeds
Covering Environmental Issues and Green News | The Earth Times
the earth times is an environment specific news agency and news resource covering green news, environmental issues and opinion

  • Fascination in rocky pools and their invertebrate inhabitants
    The rocky pools of Maine are the centre of attention in the scientific world for once. How the many interactions work gives insight into the most complex ecosystems on earth, like the coral reefs or the terrestrial examples in rainforest. Crab and whelk, winkle and seaweed all collaborate in the winner eats all scenario of these wonderful pools. An artificial mesocosm provides the experimental basis for the investigation of real rock pools, with these food webs providing evidence of the full facts for the first time.

  • The Tempo of Evolution is revealed on Hawaii
    If we take a group of islands that suffer from regular volcanic creation and then erosion back into the sea, can we gather invaluable information about how life evolves generally to fill available habitats in other biomes---- ? The answer seems to be YES we can.

  • Army ants tolerate multiple evolutions of beetle mimics
    The daring explorer ventures near the dangerous predator at his peril, but this is the army ant, so there are fascinating ?guests? and although the danger is real, we can avoid the worst of the bites. The reward is genomes that tell us new stories of parallels and evolutionary successes in these impenetrable, dense forests.

  • Nations that are cleaning up ---- part 1!
    What can China avoid polluting that we can?t. Well it?s possible that even greater carbon footprints will quickly be trodden if events follow mazy paths in many places.

  • Nissan Electric recruit Margot Robbie
    The future of trucks and buses is the mundane work of Nissan Electric and other enterprising manufacturers. The glamour of a fast, light electric car is there to be exploited however, and who better than our Margot!