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If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is Nature's way.

~Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics
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Covering Environmental Issues and Green News | The Earth Times
the earth times is an environment specific news agency and news resource covering green news, environmental issues and opinion

  • Bees succeed against the odds, even when solitary.
    What are those small fliers hanging about the wall or the bank? They are not hoverflies because they seem to have nest holes, yet they don?t sting or buzz much either! The solitary bees and the mining bees are just one branch of the great bankers of our fruit tree heritage. They, along with the humble Bumblers, form a major corporation of the pollinators. Here?s a (very) brief life of little Andrena, plagued by cuckoos who are fellow bees. This does remind you of the commercial world of grab and take when you can!

  • Mountains of men in the Dinaric Alps-a study worthy of work in several more regions.
    The Dutch, the Bosnians, the Scots, the Poles? Which army of men provided the tallest soldiers in those monotonous bloody battles? That fraught argument provided the grist in the past for discussion and possibly wars, but the genetics (and the food) has improved our knowledge. We now understand a little of what our Neolithic cultures have given us through migrations and the haplotypes that people carried with them.

  • Thai tigers survive and breed in the wild.
    How will we view the current conservation crisis in the future. Tigers, like it or not, are at the forefront of poaching and habitat preservation. We will be judged on whether this is an oversight in counting Indochinese tigers or a genuine result of conservators who struggle to maintain the world?s great rainforests and often die in the attempt. Armed poachers are matched rarely in firepower by rangers and wardens, so protection here may involve more than patrolling. The cameras need to reveal faces and the legal profession needs to get busy on very heavy punishment for those who operate for the ugliest of all motives - greed.

  • Fascination in rocky pools and their invertebrate inhabitants
    The rocky pools of Maine are the centre of attention in the scientific world for once. How the many interactions work gives insight into the most complex ecosystems on earth, like the coral reefs or the terrestrial examples in rainforest. Crab and whelk, winkle and seaweed all collaborate in the winner eats all scenario of these wonderful pools. An artificial mesocosm provides the experimental basis for the investigation of real rock pools, with these food webs providing evidence of the full facts for the first time.

  • The Tempo of Evolution is revealed on Hawaii
    If we take a group of islands that suffer from regular volcanic creation and then erosion back into the sea, can we gather invaluable information about how life evolves generally to fill available habitats in other biomes---- ? The answer seems to be YES we can.