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I've made an odd discovery. Every time I talk to a savant I feel quite sure that happiness is no longer a possibility. Yet when I talk with my gardener, I'm convinced of the opposite.

~Bertrand Russell
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Covering Environmental Issues and Green News | The Earth Times
the earth times is an environment specific news agency and news resource covering green news, environmental issues and opinion

  • Salamander polyploid amazes with its genome (s)
    The polyploids among the animals are the focus of the latest research, given the vast number of plant polyploids and the potential of species that have such enhanced genetic capability!

  • Bees that buzz and those that help the economy!
    It?s that season when the bees, wasps and ants are building to a climax in the Northern Hemisphere. ID can be useful, especially when you consider some of the exotic species, but apart from allergy, most of us are safe with these agricultural workers in our economy.

  • Rainforest Alliance and UTZ reinvented to fight against climate change.
    How will Paris be implemented? Will farming be a major player in preserving our environment as we feed more people than ever existed? The questions for future generations will be thorny, but the rainforest is a thorny clue about conserving what we have left!We're looking forward to seeing how the new NGO copes with expansion as the politics of climate mitigation progresses.

  • UK supermarkets must take lead in tackling plastic pollution
    After banning free plastic bags, can stores begin the process of cutting out all plastic packaging? The alternatives could be much less damaging to our health, our fertility, our wildlife and even our genetic constitution!

  • Myanmar shines with intact forest, but will this biodiversity be conserved?
    How can we conserve the beauty of the largest remaining rainforest in Asia? This tract of land, divided by the dry interior, stretches across the Thai border at one end and connects with Indian reserves at the other. Answers to the everlasting problems of conservation must include governance, proper transparency and perhaps most important, grassroots participation at many levels.