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~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fuel-spill cleanups plague Florida PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Muir   
Sunday, December 30 2007
Florida is No. 1 in the nation for known fuel-spill sites, and cleanup is a slow, expensive process. Is growth putting our groundwater at risk?

Florida has spent $2.4 billion in public funds and 20 years cleaning up leaky fuel-storage tanks, the kind that gas stations use, the kind that can ruin a water supply.

Even so, all that effort has fixed only a third of the problem. The to-do list still includes nearly 13,000 known spills, making Florida No. 1 in the nation in contaminated sites, according to a recent report by the federal Government Accountability Office.

And the No. 2 state, Illinois, is nowhere close. Its cleanup backlog is half the size of Florida's.

For more on this, read the Orlando Sentinel article .
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