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The color of the mountains is Buddha's body; the sound of running water is his great speech.

Written by Marjorie Holt   
Tuesday, November 11 2008

Take Action to promote smart energy solutions and fight global warming.

Stop Giveaways to Big Oil 
Tell Congress to stop giveaways to Big Oil, start investing in real energy solutions, and protect our coasts. We don't have to sacrifice special places like America's coasts to meet our energy needs. 
Support the Clean Energy Economy 
Keep clean energy booming! Tell Congress to unleash the potential of clean energy by supporting legislation to extend critical incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency that expire at the end of the year. 
Tell Your Representative to Support Better Fuel Economy Faster 
We need your help to implement the real solution to our oil addiction. Please urge your Representative to cosponsor the Accuracy in Fuel Economy Standards Act - HR 6643. 
Be Part of the 2% Solution 
To cut carbon emissions 2% a year for each of the next 40 years, we must start making different, better decisions about the energy we use at home, at work, and as a nation. 
Fight Global Warming -- Oppose Liquid Coal 
Ask Congress to oppose any efforts to jumpstart a new massively polluting coal-to-liquids industry. 
Fuel Economy Faster to Bring Down Gas Costs! 
Congress passed new fuel economy standards last December and now the Bush Administration's Department of Transportation is undermining those standards by using faulty numbers. Urge Congress to take action to ensure accurate numbers! 
Tell Congress Not to Purchase Dirty Fuels! 
Tell Congress that you support real solutions to global warming, not incentives for dirty alternative fuels like liquid coal that will make global warming worse. 
Tell Your Representative to Protect States' Rights to Clean Cars 
Protect states' rights to clean cars by urging your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 5560. 
Thank Your Rep. for Signing the Global Warming Principles Letter 
In early October a Dear Colleague Global Warming Principles letter was sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This letter outlined guiding principles for comprehensive climate legislation. Thank your Representative for signing on to this letter. 
We Want Clean Cars 
Tell the EPA to get out of the way of state action on clean cars. 


Last Updated ( Tuesday, November 11 2008 )
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