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A wise man can do no better than to turn from the churches and look up through the airy majesty of the wayside trees with exultation, with resignation, at the unconquerable unimplicated sun.

~Llewelyn Powys
The Pathetic Fallacy
The right way to attract wildlife PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Muir   
Sunday, December 30 2007
The safe and effective way to attract birds and other wildlife is to provide good habitat by using native vegetation.

PROVIDE FOOD in the form of plants that bear seed, fruit, foliage or flowers. Berries, fleshy fruits, nuts and acorns are all treats for wildlife.

ADD WATER. The sound of running water will attract wildlife. This sound could come from a pond, creek, fountain or simple birdbath. Birdbaths should be scrubbed and the water changed regularly to prevent mosquito breeding and bacterial contamination.

LIMIT LAWNS. Reduce the amount of mowed areas or replace grass with other native Florida plants. Such vegetation will provide food and shelter for many animal species.

LEAVE SNAGS. Leave dead trees in place if they do not create a hazard. Birds use snags for perching, nesting and feeding.

REDUCE PESTICIDES. Most birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals eat insects. Even if they don't directly, their prey eats insects. Most pesticides do not target one species of insect but will kill any type of insect that comes in contact with it.

From, the Orlando Sentinel .
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