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I am not bound for any public place, but for ground of my own where I have planted vines and orchard trees, and in the heat of the day climbed up into the healing shadow of the woods. Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.

~Wendell Berry
Protecting wild Florida PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Muir   
Sunday, December 30 2007
Can the state's plan save dwindling wildlife, habitat?

For the first time, a comprehensive plan is in place to conserve Florida's most-threatened habitats -- and the nearly 1,000 species that depend on them to survive.

Environmental groups have hailed Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative for its detail and focus on species that previously received little attention. The strategy was developed to guide the public on how to protect imperiled lands in a state where farmland and pastures are fast being covered by sprawling homes, roads and buildings.

State officials finished drafting the 500-plus-page document in October 2005. Now they're taking some of their first steps to carry out the plan to protect the state's terrestrial, marine and freshwater habitats.

But the question remains how effective such a plan -- based largely on volunteerism and incentives -- will be in a rapidly growing state.

For more on this, read the Orlando Sentinel article .
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