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I've made an odd discovery. Every time I talk to a savant I feel quite sure that happiness is no longer a possibility. Yet when I talk with my gardener, I'm convinced of the opposite.

~Bertrand Russell
Wildlife and Habitat

Roadways crisscross Central Florida and uplands have been converted to housing developments, citrus groves and other agricultural uses. Sandhills and scrub habitats are a tiny fraction of their original area. Wetlands while receiving more protection that uplands, are now fragmented isolated pockets without access to adjacent uplands. Alterations to the natural water cycle interrupt nesting and breeding times and the ability to provide sufficient food supplies. Climate change threatens links between interdependent species and may disrupt entire plant and animal communities.

Scrub Jay Image

The Central Florida Group recognizes that habitat simplification, fragmentation, degradation, elimination and climate change pose the greatest threats to the continued well-being of healthy/wildlife and plant ecosystems and biodiversity. Measures to counteract this trend must increase on both public and private land, and include whole ecosystems regardless of jurisdictional and political boundaries. Everyone in Central Florida should be involved to help develop and implement wildlife and plant conservation measures that protect ecosystems and our wildlife heritage.

The key to wildlife and native habitat conservation is the continued existence of diverse natural communities and the preservation of native biodiversity. The Sierra Club is committed to maintaining Central Florida's remaining natural ecosystems — marine, aquatic and terrestrial. Where feasible, the Sierra Club is also committed to restoring and rehabilitating to a natural condition those ecosystems that are presently degraded by human activities.

Below you will find a number of articles, essays, activities and news related to this issue.  If you know of any relevant news or want to submit content regarding this topic, please don't hesitate to contact the appropriate Committe Member .  Thanks.


Date Item Title Author Hits
Thursday, September 15 2011 Judge Backs Deal on Imperiled Species Marjorie Holt 948
Tuesday, June 7 2011 BLACK BEAR ALERT Marjorie Holt 2611
Wednesday, March 16 2011 Florida Panther Tracks found outside Orlando Marjorie Holt 1091
Friday, February 25 2011 Help Back to Nature with a donation Marjorie Holt 1496
Thursday, February 17 2011 Reintroduce the Florida Panther Marjorie Holt 984
Tuesday, October 26 2010 Fall Owl Fest 2010 John Muir 1058
Sunday, October 17 2010 TAKE ACTION: PROTECT THE WEKIVA RIVER Marjorie Holt 1638
Wednesday, September 15 2010 ACTION ALERT/PROTECT THE FLORIDA BLACK BEAR FROM HUNTING Marjorie Holt 1794
Friday, June 25 2010 Florida Panther Family Marjorie Holt 1317
Tuesday, May 18 2010 A Potential Turning Point in the Gulf Marjorie Holt 1055
Tuesday, May 18 2010 Parterning to Preserve Florida Marjorie Holt 1104
Thursday, April 22 2010 Take Action: Change Canada's Blind Eye to Sustainable Fishing Practices/Slaughter of Baby Seals Marjorie Holt 1378
Saturday, April 10 2010 Take Action: Support Florida Forever Marjorie Holt 1686
Tuesday, March 30 2010 Endangered Species Day Marjorie Holt 1280
Friday, March 19 2010 Everglades Restoration Marjorie Holt 1028
Tuesday, February 23 2010 Florida Forever Take A Hike Marjorie Holt 1134
Friday, February 19 2010 PANTHER HABITAT - Five Conservation Groups Sue USFWS Marjorie Holt 1166
Wednesday, February 17 2010 Native Wildflowers in the Landscape: How to Select, Plan & Establish Marjorie Holt 2279
Thursday, January 21 2010 The Oakland Nature Preserve - 2nd Annual Open House Marjorie Holt 1570
Thursday, January 21 2010 The History of the Lake Apopka Basin Marjorie Holt 2850
Tuesday, November 10 2009 Meaningful Conservation - The gist: St. Johns water managers should resist Orange County's threats Marjorie Holt 1768
Tuesday, July 21 2009 Specialty License Tags Benefit the Environment sonia stephens 1786
Friday, July 10 2009 CYPRESS MULCH Why kill a tree to grow a flower? Marjorie Holt 2142
Friday, May 15 2009 SJRWMD/Proposes Rules to Amend or Release Conservation Easements Marjorie Holt 1796
Monday, April 27 2009 What panthers need most: central counties' corridors Marjorie Holt 1950
Monday, April 13 2009 Urban farming makes a comeback sonia stephens 1467
Sunday, January 25 2009 Turn Your Yard Into a Wildlife Refuge Marjorie Holt 1572
Thursday, January 22 2009 Will Manatees Fuel Water War? Marjorie Holt 1380
Sunday, January 18 2009 Panther Update Marjorie Holt 1513
Wednesday, November 19 2008 A RESOUNDING VOTE FOR OPEN SPACE Marjorie Holt 1484
Tuesday, November 4 2008 WILDLIFE VIEWING IN FLORIDA'S CENTRAL REGION Marjorie Holt 2246
Tuesday, January 1 2008 Endangered Species Clusters John Muir 2151
Sunday, December 30 2007 The right way to attract wildlife John Muir 2069
Sunday, December 30 2007 Protecting wild Florida John Muir 2115
Sunday, December 30 2007 Troubled waters for manatees? John Muir 2074
Sunday, December 30 2007 Sea turtles' survival depends on us John Muir 1777
Sunday, December 30 2007 Wildlife less wild John Muir 1800
Sunday, December 30 2007 Cypress trees to mulch John Muir 1847
Sunday, December 30 2007 Can marinas go green? John Muir 1770
Sunday, December 30 2007 Using bugs to fight invasives John Muir 1781
Friday, December 7 2007 Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before 08 Vote Cecilia Height 1255
Friday, December 7 2007 Manatees Remain on the Endangered Species List Cecilia Height 1810
Sunday, December 2 2007 Wildlife in your Backyard John Muir 2074
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