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I never had any other desire so strong, and so like covetousness, as that.... I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden, with very moderate conveniences joined to them, and there dedicate the remainder of my life to the culture of them and the study of nature.

~Abraham Cowley
Growth Management

turtle_sm.jpg The Central Florida Group will work within National Sierra Club's Stop Sprawl Campaign. Poorly planned development and roadways threaten our environment, health and quality of life in numerous ways. Sprawl spreads development out over large amounts of land, puts long distances between homes, stores and job centers; and makes people more and more dependent on driving in their daily lives. Smart growth solutions that combine transportation, land-use and environmental planning can address the problems cause by sprawl.

As outlined in our 2007 Goals, the Sierra Club continues to advocate for strong rural land protection in Central Florida. We will continue a dialogue with local leaders to maintain the urban service boundaries so local agencies can provide compact urban development that prevents sprawl with infill development and revitalization of older neighborhoods. We will work for greater public involvement in regional and statewide efforts to combine transportation and land-use planning that provides for cleaner air and water, more transportation choices and places to live, and better protected conservation lands, farms and open spaces.

Below you will find a number of articles, essays, activities and news related to this issue.  If you know of any relevant news or want to submit content regarding this topic, please don't hesitate to contact the appropriate Committe Member .  Thanks.


Date Item Title Author Hits
Thursday, May 14 2015 CALL TO ACTION: NORTH RANCH SECTOR PLAN Marjorie Holt 35
Wednesday, February 22 2012 CITY IN NOWHERELAND: Farmton Marjorie Holt 1010
Wednesday, January 18 2012 Orange County 2012 Redevelopment Conference Marjorie Holt 2921
Wednesday, September 14 2011 Arboretum backers don't like UCF deal Marjorie Holt 1033
Wednesday, September 14 2011 Farmton a 'planning travesty,' former state growth chief says in hearing Marjorie Holt 1116
Monday, June 6 2011 An obituary for Florida Growth Management Marjorie Holt 856
Sunday, February 20 2011 FLORIDA'S NATURAL ENVIRONMENT THREATENED Marjorie Holt 1007
Thursday, February 17 2011 The Rally at the Rivers in Palatka Marjorie Holt 1270
Wednesday, January 19 2011 Action alert: Help save the UCF Arboretum sonia stephens 1962
Tuesday, July 6 2010 Success in Osceola County Mary-Slater Linn 1655
Friday, June 25 2010 Innovation Way East/Growth Fight/Econ River Marjorie Holt 2067
Monday, March 22 2010 Sierra Club Growth Management Alert! Marjorie Holt 1613
Sunday, March 21 2010 Will Mayor Crotty Have A Legacy To His Own? Marjorie Holt 1232
Wednesday, February 17 2010 IMPACT FEE LAW UNFAIR Marjorie Holt 1406
Monday, February 1 2010 Take Action/Osceola County Development Plan on 17,000 Acres Marjorie Holt 2115
Tuesday, April 28 2009 Sprawl everywhere and Miamii finally knows who to blame Marjorie Holt 1586
Tuesday, April 28 2009 Panama City airport builder faces environmental fine Marjorie Holt 1577
Friday, April 10 2009 Green Cities conference coming to Orlando sonia stephens 2010
Wednesday, November 19 2008 LAKE EOLA OFFICE TOWER PUT ON HOLD Marjorie Holt 1951
Monday, November 10 2008 RYBOLT RANCH/DOES $11.5M ECONLOCKHATCHEE DEAL CROSS THE LINE? Marjorie Holt 3887
Monday, October 27 2008 New development doesn't add up! John Muir 2146
Sunday, April 6 2008 Proposed growth management bill for Florida Deborah Schafer 2190
Friday, February 8 2008 "Redevelopment: Collaborate 2008" Infill and Redevelopment Conference Marjorie Holt 2379
Tuesday, January 1 2008 Sprawl in Florida John Muir 2330
Sunday, December 30 2007 Now is time to preserve land John Muir 2298
Sunday, December 30 2007 Cities learning the value of conserving tree canopy John Muir 2274
Sunday, December 30 2007 Fire risk rises as we grow John Muir 2160
Sunday, December 30 2007 Fuel-spill cleanups plague Florida John Muir 1903
Sunday, December 30 2007 Growth creating gridlock on roads John Muir 1790
Sunday, December 30 2007 School recycling hit-and-miss John Muir 1929
Sunday, December 30 2007 Growth Can't Last John Muir 1803
Sunday, December 9 2007 Overpopulation John Muir 2306
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