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I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

~John Burroughs
Global Warming and Energy
anthony_murray_power_sm.jpg Today we face fundamental energy and climate crises, which are potentially devastating. The geopolitical and environmental consequences of our dependence on fossil fuels threaten our national security, economy, health, environment and potentially threaten the planet's very existence.

Climate scientists believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels above 450 parts per million would result in severe climate impacts. To reach levels at which climate stabilization is more likely, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced at least 2% per year, and this means a switch to clean energy. The time has come to move away from 19th century technologies and support the clean, completely renewable energy sources of solar, wind, ocean and geothermal.

As Sierrans, we are ready to do what is necessary to change the catastrophic environmental consequences of global warming. We will do this through involvement in local and national land use, environmental and energy legislation, and through our own personal commitment to conservation awareness and action in each of our lives.

Below you will find a number of articles, essays, activities and news related to this issue.  If you know of any relevant news or want to submit content regarding this topic, please don't hesitate to contact the appropriate Committe Member .  Thanks.

Date Item Title Author Hits
Wednesday, February 23 2011 Appalachian Treasures, a free presentation Marjorie Holt 1912
Saturday, September 25 2010 First Baptist Church of Orlando Improves Energy Efficiency Marjorie Holt 1730
Thursday, June 24 2010 Hands Across the Sand/Offshore Drilling Foes Marjorie Holt 2457
Friday, May 7 2010 EPA Responds to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico Marjorie Holt 1854
Monday, May 3 2010 ACTION ALERT: Sierra Club Oil Spill Action Center Marjorie Holt 2517
Monday, May 3 2010 Sierra Club Says Reinstate Oil Drilling Moratorium Marjorie Holt 1774
Thursday, April 22 2010 Earth Day - Even the kitchen sink can be recycled Marjorie Holt 1641
Sunday, March 21 2010 EPA Pushes Smog Crackdown Marjorie Holt 1500
Sunday, March 21 2010 Recycling Bill Marjorie Holt 1483
Tuesday, March 2 2010 Florida Legislature: Bill would speed up alternative energy projects Marjorie Holt 1562
Wednesday, February 17 2010 Plastic Ban Seems Unlikely, For Now Anyway Marjorie Holt 1484
Wednesday, February 17 2010 Report Could Spur Debate on Plastic-Bag Ban in Florida Marjorie Holt 1658
Wednesday, December 16 2009 Climate Conference President Hedegaard Resigns Marjorie Holt 1731
Wednesday, December 16 2009 Teen Headed to Climate Summit Marjorie Holt 1581
Wednesday, August 12 2009 Sierra's "Climate Crossroads" is up and running! sonia stephens 1659
Thursday, July 16 2009 A Letter on Ocean Acidification sonia stephens 2537
Friday, July 10 2009 100 Coal Plants Prevented Marjorie Holt 2747
Thursday, July 9 2009 Environmental hot topics Marjorie Holt 1790
Tuesday, June 30 2009 The New Solar Roof Marjorie Holt 1673
Thursday, May 28 2009 Leadership Long Delayed Marjorie Holt 1619
Tuesday, April 28 2009 The Green House of the Future Marjorie Holt 1979
Tuesday, April 28 2009 The hazards of offshore drilling threaten Florida Marjorie Holt 3489
Monday, April 27 2009 National Clean Energy Smart Grid Facts Marjorie Holt 1879
Monday, April 27 2009 'Smart grid' presents great promise,complications Marjorie Holt 1923
Monday, April 27 2009 Climate change to hit SE Asia harder than most of the world's regions Marjorie Holt 1614
Saturday, March 7 2009 Clean coal? Not really... sonia stephens 2067
Tuesday, January 27 2009 Obama: Let states limit car emissions Marjorie Holt 1887
Tuesday, January 27 2009 You may be getting fatter bill from OUC Marjorie Holt 2651
Tuesday, January 27 2009 NOAA - New Study Show Climate Change Largely Irreversible Marjorie Holt 2008
Thursday, January 22 2009 Warming in Antarctica Marjorie Holt 1695
Sunday, January 18 2009 Fish 'an ally' against climate change Marjorie Holt 2066
Sunday, January 18 2009 Big Coal's Dirty Plans for Our Energy Future Marjorie Holt 1679
Saturday, January 17 2009 Finally a final EIS for Cape Wind Marjorie Holt 1892
Saturday, January 17 2009 Six Federal Agencies Sued for Not Addressing Global Warming Impact On Endangered Species Marjorie Holt 2002
Saturday, December 13 2008 Ever wonder what the numbers on plastics mean? sonia stephens 2010
Tuesday, November 11 2008 SIERRA CLUB OUTINGS AND CARBON OFFSETS Marjorie Holt 1895
Tuesday, November 11 2008 SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS Marjorie Holt 1830
Monday, November 10 2008 PUBLIC HEARING FLORIDA'S RETAIL BAGS REPORT Marjorie Holt 2118
Tuesday, November 4 2008 SOLAR POWER INCENTIVES MAKE IT EASIER TO SWITCH Marjorie Holt 1988
Friday, July 25 2008 Florida #2 in Solar Energy? camburn 4350
Tuesday, May 6 2008 Spend your stimulus check to Save Money (and the planet) Andrea Canelos 2375
Wednesday, April 23 2008 Stunning Solar Building Deborah Schafer 2501
Tuesday, January 1 2008 Mapping Industrial Pollutants John Muir 2412
Sunday, December 30 2007 New "Green" Years John Muir 2563
Sunday, December 30 2007 Recycling Waste John Muir 2736
Sunday, December 30 2007 Mayors don't support Kyoto Protocol John Muir 2322
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